Share Hoopment Through the Company WellnessFair

(On Temporary Hold Through COVID-19; Only Private Group Sessions are currently available)

Repetitive motion stress is real. 

Repetitive motions train our bodies to remain in imbalanced postures; that can be countered with novel movements. 

Hoopment provides novel movement that mobilizes our bodies, gently reminding our muscles that they are capable of moving in a variety of ways.

For folks who spend hours in front of a computer, it encourages chest-opening motions, that relieve back tension through providing slack to the back muscle--that have been pulled forward due to pectoral tension (from supporting arms that stay in front of a keyboard all day).

It's fun, easy, and effective.

As the small-diameter hoops mobilize our bodies, they serve as training wheels for ergonomic movement, while they guide us to move through space. 

Hoopment can also be a meditative practice, that may induce a flow state--which may support creativity and productivity.

Try it! It feels great!

At your company Health Fair, I bring a 32-hoop (4 diameters) set to be used for the duration of the Health Fair session; and guide your team either individually, or in small groups--as space and interest dictates. 

Included is a 4 hoop set, for the office, in 4 sizes; different sizes guide our bodies to move in different ways. 

Provided are 2 large sized hoops, that may be used as raffle prizes, to encourage employee participation. 

My rate is $150/hr for 3 or less hours; or $120/hr for 4+ hrs.

Non-profit organizations: 50% off.

Should your employees express desire for more guided Hoopment, I offer "Hoopment at the Office," as well as "Hoopmaking for Human Resources" so staff members can learn how to make simple, inexpensive self-care tools for the office, as well as teach their co-workers how to use them.

The better we feel, the clearer we may perceive what is happening in our environments; and the better we may be of service, whatever we may be doing. Hoopment can help.

To reserve Hoopment for your Health  or Wellness Fair, contact me directly.

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