Every Body is Different, Every Day

The more I know about you, the better I can support your vessel, as you navigate through life. 

Our first session, you'll fill out a client intake form, that helps me to better serve you; plus a COVID-19 form.

Together, we'll determine what works best for you and your family. 

First we'll start out with Intuitive Movement 101, which includes self-massage (Level 1); so our hands get a sense of how to apply pressure, and how much pressure *our* bodies require to feel relief, so that we may better communicate to our partners what our preferences are. 

I will teach you different massage strokes; working with your hands, as well as with massage tools.

Then I will verbally guide you, as you move on to working on each other, when you feel ready.

This is a Wellness Partnership; I am committed to you, if you are committed to yourself and your health. 

Communication is vitally important. 

Being unique individuals, we each have a different interpretation of how we perceive pressure on our bodies--whether is physically applied, or from our surrounding environment. 

I combined the standard 1-10 "pain range" with colors of the rainbow, to represent increasing levels of pressure; so that we get a more specific idea of how each person is perceiving pressure on their bodies, that particular session. 

Some days our bodies require more pressure before we register it is as relieving; other days much less--sometimes what felt pleasant one session will feel unpleasant the next time--because we change as the pressure on our nervous system changes. 

The more aware we are of the pressure on our bodies, the easier it becomes for us to modify/ask for modification, as needed. 

Support exercises and activities are available at ThePressureRainbow.com.


BLUE--Light pressure; if after I have warmed the area, you want me to increase the pressure, say "Blue" 

GREEN--Just right; you don't have to say anything, unless you want to let me know

GOLD--the "good hurt" that lets me know we found treasure; If you want me to give that area special attention, say "Gold"

(This is where #'s come in handy; the 1-10 scale gives an added depth to how you are interpreting the pressure)

YELLOW--when muscles are tensing/your breath holding, it's a little too much; if you want me to back off minimally, say "Yellow"

ORANGE--more intensely uncomfortable; if you want me to back off moderately, say "Orange"

RED--your nervous system may feel attacked; if you need me to vastly reduce pressure, say "Red"

PINK--means I'm tickling you; say "Pink" and I will modify my approach to the area

This communication system allows clients, who may want to vocalize/groan, to do so without affecting the pressure I am applying to the body; and clearly expresses when a change of pressure is preferred.

This free e-book gives a more in-depth explanation; click on the image.

This free e-book applies TPR to perceived emotional/environmental pressure; and is intended for kids and their parents/teachers.

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