Every Body is Different, Every Day

Family Massage Supports Oxytocin/Bonding

The more I know about you, the better I can support your vessel, as you navigate through life. 

Together, we'll determine what works best for you and your family. 

First we'll start out with Intuitive Movement 101, which includes self-massage (Level 1); so our hands get a sense of how to apply pressure, and how much pressure *our* bodies require to feel relief, so that we may better communicate to our partners what our preferences are. 

I will teach you different massage strokes; working with your hands, as well as with massage tools.

Then I will verbally guide you, as you move on to working on each other, when you feel ready.

The goal of family massage is to support healthy bonding, through conscientious, respectful touch.

When we respectfully put our hands on someone we care about, with the intention being to physically show our appreciation and support--through touch--we benefit from the interaction.

The oxytocin flows both ways. 

Oxytocin helps build trust and supports our sense of feeling safe. When we feel safe, we tend to experience less neurological tension. 

This is a Wellness Partnership; I am committed to you, if you are committed to yourself and your health. 

Communication is vitally important. 

Being unique individuals, we each have a different interpretation of how we perceive pressure on our bodies--whether is physically applied, or from our surrounding environment. 

I combined the standard 1-10 "pain range" with colors of the rainbow, to represent increasing levels of pressure; so that we get a more specific idea of how each person is perceiving pressure on their bodies, that particular session. 

Some days our bodies require more pressure before we register it is as relieving; other days much less--sometimes what felt pleasant one session will feel unpleasant the next time--because we change as the pressure on our nervous system changes. 

The more aware we are of the pressure on our bodies, the easier it becomes for us to modify/ask for modification, as needed. 

Support exercises and activities are available at ThePressureRainbow.com.

I have paused provision of massage services, until post-vaccination; in the meantime, I can guide your through either EIM or Family Massage. 

Post-vaccination, I am only accepting new massage clients from the family pool of vaccinated EIM students. 

Taking a break from massage therapy heavily reinforced my desire to only work with clients who are doing their part to take care of their vessels; this program provides me the opportunity to be more selective about who I choose to provide hands-on support to.

Massage therapy is an intimate practice; there is most certainly an energetic exchange--and I trained myself to block the transfer, so that I could successfully support myself for 17 years, and not burn out--literally. Massage therapist burn-out is real; it can be a physically and emotionally taxing trade, without proper training/coping tools. 

I don't want to have to block the energy transfer anymore; and I trust that if you are adhering to the program I've developed, then we can work together in an energetically supportive way.

I'm so very much looking forward to working with you and your family!

*I Am Loving Support*

(Inspired by Ram Dass: "I Am Loving Awareness"

Repeat the phrases with emphasis on each different word.

Thank you for your service. 


BLUE--Light pressure; if after I have warmed the area, you want me to increase the pressure, say "Blue" 

GREEN--Just right; you don't have to say anything, unless you want to let me know

GOLD--the "good hurt" that lets me know we found treasure; If you want me to give that area special attention, say "Gold"

(This is where #'s come in handy; the 1-10 scale gives an added depth to how you are interpreting the pressure)

YELLOW--when muscles are tensing/your breath holding, it's a little too much; if you want me to back off minimally, say "Yellow"

ORANGE--more intensely uncomfortable; if you want me to back off moderately, say "Orange"

RED--your nervous system may feel attacked; if you need me to vastly reduce pressure, say "Red"

PINK--means I'm tickling you; say "Pink" and I will modify my approach to the area

This communication system allows clients, who may want to vocalize/groan, to do so without affecting the pressure I am applying to the body; and clearly expresses when a change of pressure is preferred.

This free e-book gives a more in-depth explanation; click on the image.

This free e-book applies TPR to perceived emotional/environmental pressure; and is intended for kids and their parents/teachers.

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