Let's perceive the nervous system as the central communications system of our vessels. 

Our nervous systems interpret data that get picked up by our nerves through various senses, many of them pressure related. 

Our bodies/vessels may be perceived as pressure gauges that help us to navigate through space. What we interpret as emotions, are part of our navigational systems. 

As our excitement increases, so do our heart & breath rates. The excitement could be due to either "positive" or "negative" data; to the system, it's pressure...and that pressure relays information that is interpreted by our nervous systems, which help us decide where to go next...how to navigate through the space we are in.

Are our environments safe? Expand the sphere of perception. What's happening? Do we need to shift course?

The Pressure Rainbow & Your Body Is a Spaceship! both apply colors and numbers to our pressure gauges, so we can get a better read on our systems. It's the communication system that I prefer to use during massage sessions, so that I can get a better read on how each individual is perceiving the pressure I am applying. 

While my fingers and my attention to their breath greatly guide my application of pressure, I encourage clear feedback that helps me to better adjust the pressure I'm applying, to each different body.

Plus, our bodies differ every day, depending on the amount of pressure/stress already loaded onto each system, which varies from day-to-day just as much as life does.

As a massage therapist, over the years I have come to realize that I am not working on muscle, so much as working with each client's connective tissue (fascia) and nervous system. When I address the whole, their muscles are also taken care of. 

Specific injuries/issues require specific care. It's rewarding to assist in the process of increasing mobility and eliminating pain, and I enjoy the challenge as well.

Where there isn't a specific injury, then what we are dealing with is most likely an overtaxed nervous system. 

Lack of oxygen to cutaneous nerves initialize a "WARNING! LOW O2 LEVELS!" alert, and our nervous systems engage the protective reponse; which shifts perception, and inhibits immune functions (via redirection of resources)...over time the tension/stress progresses, and what results are tight muscles and a pessimistic outlook. 

It makes sense...our vessels are interpreting data as if we are moving through "dangerous" space. Everywhere may be an asteroid field, every other vessel may be a potential enemy...

When we address the nervous system, gently reminding the body that it is in "safe" space, then the nervous system can return to normal operating functions...the data perceived is interpreted accurately, and the vessel can more easily navigate through space.

As a bodyworker, I feel honored to assisted in servicing the body spaceship.

The "Brown" zone isn't just that we feel like poo. Brown may also represent "earth". When we need to service our vessels, we are indeed grounded.

We can't do that maintenance ourselves, in outer space; we have to return to earth and get assistance from other people who are dedicated to assisting you in restoring your vessel to maximum efficiency. We do it together.

Thank you for choosing me as your body mechanic.

It's my pleasure to be of service.