With a few more weeks to Autumn, Texas has given us an early Winter (similar to our early Summer, ha!).

I thrived through the busy season--provided more sessions this year than last year--and felt more capable. 

Along with sharing hoops, I passed on the "Snake and Shake," an effective 2 minute self-care technique that gently mobilizes our bodies, and helps regulate our nervous systems--no implements required...just the will to deliberately practice it. 

Come January, I will be providing more support at the Horseshoe Bay Resort, as a fitness instructor, guiding group classes--teaching Elementally Intuitive Movement and Hoopment!

I'm also pleased to be able to offer resistance training sessions for my EFF Fitness Up Club Members--weighted bars being our implements, applying EIM to guide our practice. I began training with a 5 lb staff/bar in June, and have since moved up to 8 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb, and now am up to the 15 lb bar.  (Double staffs with the 5/8/12!) It's elementally FUN.

The Deep Feet Ashiatsu training, Level 1, was excellent and I hope the spa will be on board with purchasing the portable Ashiatsu system. so we can use for events, as well as in the spa--so maybe yes, I'll provide deep tissue, but only with my feet--it's a kinder way for the body to receive deep pressure, when it's needed.

Life is a journey, indeed; we shall see what 2023 will bring. 

May we continue deliberately thriving, together!