We are collectively growing; individually, and together. 

The challenges that we get to experience, have shown us what we are capable of; and who we do, and do not want to be.

Now we get to Expand Into Resonance. 

Like Elementally Intuitive Movement, EIR is a deliberate practice. 

The more we each deliberately and consciously practice Expanding Into Resonance (in all directions at once, in and out), the easier it becomes for the collective whole to experience that EIR, as well. 

What we do for ourselves, we facilitate for others. 
What we do for others, we do for ourselves. 

It's a precious loop of support.

We are here for each other because we *get to* be here for each other. 

The more we can embrace that, the easier it becomes to Expand Into Resonance. 

The EIR is clear. 

Take it in, deeply.