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It's Been a Hot Texas Minute...

Posted by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson on Thursday, March 31, 2022, In : Mind and Body 
At the end of June I started working at the Bayside Spa again; this time as a Horseshoe Bay Resort employee vs an independent contractor providing backup work through Zeel.

I have provided more massage sessions in the past few months than I may have half of my years of independent practice--and I *COULD* thanks to EIM. 

The more bodies I work on, the more patterns I recognize--and the more tools I develop to help people help themselves.

I've been sharing hoops and I love it so very much. 

I'm loo...
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Fully Vaccinated!

Posted by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson on Saturday, May 29, 2021, In : Mind and Body 
I'm pleased to provide massage therapy again; under different parameters--and at a different rate. 

Taking time off gave me an opportunity to recognize how much *I* personally provide, as massage therapist; because it's more than massage. 

I provide a Wellness Partnership:

I provide mental and emotional support. 

I provide energy work.

I provide reflection and feedback. 

I provide tools for you to better support yourself.

I provide perspectives that asSister with perceiving your story from a differe...
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Breathe in the EIR!

Posted by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, In : Mind and Body 
We are collectively growing; individually, and together. 

The challenges that we get to experience, have shown us what we are capable of; and who we do, and do not want to be.

Now we get to Expand Into Resonance. 

Like Elementally Intuitive Movement, EIR is a deliberate practice. 

The more we each deliberately and consciously practice Expanding Into Resonance (in all directions at once, in and out), the easier it becomes for the collective whole to experience that EIR, as well. 

What we do for our...
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The Practice of "Being Okay With"

Posted by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson on Monday, December 10, 2018, In : Mind and Body 

"How do you feel today?"


"Just okay? What's wrong?"

Nothing at all, really...I'm okay with the world and it's foibles.

To our nervous systems, being "okay" is a sustainable place to be; "okay" equates with "safe," which means we have more resources available for self-repair and restoration.

When we are "just okay," we aren't overly excited, which (while being a fun ride and an enjoyable experience) may reduce the energetic resources that are available to our self-repair/immune systems.

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Practicing a Neutral Posture

Posted by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson on Saturday, August 11, 2018, In : Mind and Body 

When it comes to our Hoopment practice, the Neutral Posture is as important as allowing the hoops to guide our movements.

A Neutral Posture provides a stable base, that allows for motion/sway, while supporting our spines/centers/cores.

As we practice Level 1, Finding Our Centers, we are not only discovering how the hoops prefer to move, we are also practicing maintaining our Neutral Postures throughout all of our movements--despite changes in elevation or foot position.

While grazing the hoops d...
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Acknowledging Our Human Tendencies

Posted by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson on Sunday, July 15, 2018, In : Mind and Body 
When it comes to reducing pressure on our nervous systems/vessels, WE are most instrumental.

Each individual has a basic reaction to ALL the things being taken in by our senses, whether biologically/socially programmed, or chosen.

The basic reaction is colored by the filters through which we perceive the data that our nervous systems are interpreting. 

Frustration is a human emotion that many of us (if not all of us -Allovus-) can admit to experiencing...sometimes daily...multiple times a day. 

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Clients & MT's: Seek Compatibility

Posted by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson on Friday, March 16, 2018, In : Mind and Body 
Throughout the last 15 years that I have provided massage therapy, my working style has evolved. I would be a very bored therapist if I hadn't...I likely wouldn't be in this line of work anymore!

In the earlier years, I tried my best to provide each client with the session that they expressed wanting--which early on, was intensely deep tissue, primarily on the back, because that's where they felt discomfort, and that's what they wanted.
After a couple years of that, I recognized that my clien...
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Holding Space: Pressure Rainbow Style

Posted by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson on Sunday, March 11, 2018, In : Mind and Body 
Since recognizing the Pressure Rainbow as a valuable tool for better understanding one's self and nervous system, I have been practicing "holding space" in the Blue, Blue-Green, and Green zones.

"Holding space" basically refers to being present, usually with/for other people. 

After acknowledging the Pressure Rainbow, I started recognizing when I was in a certain color zone, as well as when other people were, as well.

Over a lifetime, I've recognized that, thanks to (unconscious) social mirrorin...
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Sharing is Caring!

Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson Sharing tools that assist us, as we figure out the "Humanning," help us on the journey of life, together. If my insights may be of service to others, I am grateful for the opportunity to share. May they serve you well.
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