Working at the Horseshoe Bay Resort's Bayside Spa provides me an excellent opportunity to share flow--simply encouraging clients to look into it for themselves, and learn about it...They don't have to learn from me!

Flow arts are often self-taught--and if you have a natural knack for movement, you can figure it out, without my particular assistance. If you feel out of touch with your body, and it's not so natural, Elementally Intuitive Movement can provide a framework to help you arrive at feeling natural as you explore your sphere. 

Embodiment matters. 

When we feel disconnected from our bodies, we are less likely to take care of them...the less we take care of them, the more uncomfortable it may become to inhabit our vessels, so we disconnect more, perpetuating the cycle...until our bodies scream at us, if we don't listen. 

Even after years of practicing flow arts, I deeply appreciate the structure provided by the levels--when I mix them up, practicing Intuitive Integration (Level 5, the seventh level)...I know I will more fully mobilize my body when I explore within the parameters of each level.

The goal of the movement practice is mobilization.

The process of adhering to regular practice has shown me how much more capable I am when I maintain it; and the lack of energy that results when I take too long of of a works best when practiced daily. 

Vessel maintenance matters. 

It doesn't have to be intense or extreme--it can be gentle and it can be fun.

Some of us need more gentle in our lives than others. 

I'm pleased to get to embrace gentility and share it others, both through massage therapy and Flow Arts-based self-care.

It might take years before this EFFF'n business takes off...I'm okay with that. Until then, I'll keep sharing, and practicing, and proving to myself the efficacy of the program. Because of EIM, I can do more. 

For now, that's enough. 

Thanks for being here; I'm glad you've found me.