At the end of June I started working at the Bayside Spa again; this time as a Horseshoe Bay Resort employee vs an independent contractor providing backup work through Zeel.

I have provided more massage sessions in the past few months than I may have half of my years of independent practice--and I *COULD* thanks to EIM. 

The more bodies I work on, the more patterns I recognize--and the more tools I develop to help people help themselves.

I've been sharing hoops and I love it so very much. 

I'm looking forward to working on private clients again--but this time, reserving massage therapy for a limited few: the EFFF'd UP Membership (EUM)...a monthly movement session that auto-bills for $123/month...and after 3 sessions, I'll know if we're a good fit to move on to at-home/on-site massage sessions. I eventually want to teach movement more than provide massage--but I deeply appreciate getting to practice bodywork; and witnessing the continued results of regular sessions. 

I know from my own experience (and the feedback of my fabulous massage therapist, Page Evans at Pixie Bodyworks), that the combination of daily EIM + a massage every 6-8 weeks supports my ability to do 25-30 massage sessions/week at the spa. I'm beta testing my own program and it's fabulous. It works. 

I can do more now, at 42, than I could at 24. 

My body is more capable; and I experience less pain...which for a body that developed in chronic pain, from the age of 3, has been incredibly renewing. My vessel feels like it is being continually upgraded. 

The practice builds upon itself--and part of the practice, for me, is sharing simple tools with others. 

I *love* how many hoops I've gotten to send forth into the other other countries. What a treat! I appreciate that I get to work on people at the Bayside Spa that I would have never interacted with, otherwise...and they have mostly been lovely--98%...the other 2% teach me to be kinder and less reactive when I have to interact with them. 

It's a joy to review my work day in the evening; and a delight to anticipate the next day...making more MYOhoops to give away...and passing on the Snake and Shake. 

Returning to Horseshoe Bay, 4 days a week--I found myself a tiny house in Kingsland, 25 minutes from the spa...and I fell in love with the place as I was crossing the bridge in. It felt like hOMe...the way Maui did when I visited in 2018...I realized that I didn't need to move to Maui to feel at home--Maui taught me what hOMe feels like, so I could navigate to it. 

Things are getting interesting...I've settled into work...processed tons in 2021...rested during the winter....and now I'm springing into action. 

I want to do so many things! 

Build common unity through ALOHA, music, and functional movement....and grow a community garden. 

The Elysian Gardens.

We'll see what happens...I'm excited at the prospects!