Springing into this season...we have fully relocated to Kingsland, Texas and we love it here.

Looking back at the last two years...what a journey!

The Flow Arts classes did *not* take off at the Horseshoe Bay Resort--and I'm not surprised; not many people in the area know what flow arts are, and that's ok. 

I took that time to practice teaching, as if there were students--and honestly, I never wanted to be a fitness instructor at HBR. My goal from the start has been to share this movement program with the workers who provide all the service support to keep the resort running. I danced spells and planted seeds of what I wish for in the future...and we shall see. 

I know I am more capable at 43 than I was at 33, and it is thanks to Elementally Intuitive Movement, and my dedicated daily practice. My mind is clearer; my consciousness is more focused; my attention to detail is vastly improved--my bodywork is better because I take care of my body. 

I'm thrilled about the high season at the spa!

Our team is great, and the clients who prefer the work I provide are arriving at my table. Blissed be and blessed be, indeed.

May we fortunate be. 
And may we swirl into and within ALOHA, all ways!