Our experiences on this planet are very much affected by whether or not we feel we have a choice.

There are humans who think this experience has no reason; there are some who think this planet is a form of purgatory, or a prison planet; some people think it's a testing ground of our virtue, that determines where we go in the after-life....there are likely as many iterations of "why" as there are individuals, even when the perspectives are shared.

I spent more than a few years wondering why I was here; feeling out of time and out of place...potentially on the wrong planet...and with time, stumbled into my self-acceptance.

Tumbling and falling through life; not quite failing, because each flail gained me new knowledge to build upon...until flailing became flapping and then I was flying.

The flailing turned to flapping when I decided that (regardless of any origin story) I chose to be here.  Not simply WANTED to be here, but CHOSE to be here. And not just CHOSE, but VOLUNTEERED.

I chose to perceive that the consciousness that resides inside this vessel called Margarita volunteered to experience & gather data via a human form. As to other choices (parents, country of birth, religion), it's not so important; it is more so important to choose to perceive that I chose to experience life here, on Earth, in the USA, to immigrant parents, voluntarily.

It's perception that liberates me to choose to interpret the Earth as a place where we come to be of service to each other, voluntarily. 

So I thought to myself, how do I want to volunteer at life?

I already had some ideas, based on the boundaries I established for myself during my past years of volunteerism in my chosen areas of service.

While volunteering, I acknowledged that for it to not feel like an obligation, it had to be fun **for me**. That isn't to say that it's not work--I'm an individual who prefers productive play over what I might sometimes consider "frivolous" play. Because I enjoy myself so much when I'm doing it, it doesn't feel like work--so it's a pleasure to provide.

If I'm going to provide my voluntary service with longevity, then I need to be doing something that I look forward to; that is a treat to participate in, for me.

Then, it's a gift that I derive so much from, through giving it.

I decided to apply those guidelines to my life--my daily experience.

How do I want to volunteer at life?  

For me, it's sharing self-care, via Hoopment.

It brings me so much delight to pass on an inexpensive tool to another person, that may help them increase their sense of well-being, through mindless play. 

I've chosen to accept that what I am here to do, what I am volunteering to do, is to play.

I am volunteering to be playful as much as I can, so that I may remind others to be playful as well--so together we may co-create a playground that we can all share, where there is enough space for everyone to explore their spheres, without encroaching on anyone else's sphere.

Since then, I've really enjoyed myself. More so than I ever have--because I have chosen to perceive that everything I do is my choice. Starting with being here.

If I didn't want to be here anymore, I could choose to take myself out; I am here on this planet, in this body, voluntarily.  It's not a trap. It's not a cage. It's a choice. 

I want to be here; because I like helping people.

But I don't like codependency; I prefer interdependent support.

By providing tools that help people help themselves, I get the satisfaction of helping others, without "having to do it for them," which can sometimes become the codependency trap of care providers.

By making the sharing of self-care an integral part of my life, I support my own self-care.

The better care I provide the vessel that my consciousness resides in, the more enjoyable my experience becomes, within this form.

It's my choice. I want to take care of myself. 

It's nice when self-care becomes effortless, because it has become fun. 

How do you want to volunteer in your life?