Elementally FUNctional support for you and the whole family at your preferred outdoor location

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Masking Because We Can!

Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson, LMT, LMTI, CE Provider

NESTA Biomechanics Specialist, Functional Training Specialist

I was a practicing massage therapist, since 2003; with a hybrid private practice/independent contractor structured business--allowing me to work with private clients over many sessions and years; as well as bodies in a handful of chiropractic offices; as well as spa work. 

With over 17 years of hands-on experience, I combined Swedish, Deep Massage (Lauterstein Method),  and gentleTrigger Point Therapy, intended for deep neurological relaxation, and tailored for each client's needs, that day. 

The Hoopment motivated me to get my Massage Instructor license, in 2018, and to become a licensed Continuing Education provider; so that other MT's may enjoy the wellness benefits of practicing Elementally Intuitive Movement, and integrating it into their massage practices, via flow arts.

As of May 2020, I am a NESTA certified Biomechanics Specialist. Six months later, NESTA certified Functional Training Specialist. I'm excited to share and apply the knowledge learned through the coursework, and better support your family, your body, and your self-care practice.

I spent over 17 years working hands-on with bodies; now I'm taking that knowledge, in addition to 15 years of flow arts/movement practice, and help you take care of yourself, instead of me taking care of you.

My approach is child-like; my preferred metaphorical playground is elemental in nature: Earth Air Water Wood Metal (Fire embodied in the metal)...and practical--all non-Fire Implements prepare the body to move with Fire Implement, should the student arrive at that element.

My personal approach to life is youthful; I perceive that we are all playing the same Life Game; and the Goal is to Observe, Adapt, and Learn.

What I have learned, is that we have to practice creating our own purpose--and that's how we find ourselves.

Life G:OAL: support imperfectly functional vessels on their journey as we play this game together. 

The playground is open!

I'm pleased to get to pass these skills on to you, your family, and friends.

Elementally Intuitive Movement

The foundation for all of the Elemental Implement Manipulation classes I offer through Ko-fi.com, is Elementally Intuitive Movement 101.

EIM 101 is free for anyone who visits my Ko-fi page.

Elemental Implement Manipulation (12 implements!) is available for supporters; one-time supporters get access to one (current) month of content; and monthly subscribers get unlimited access to all the content I've produced...for as little as $3+/month.

If you can give more, and truly value what I'm sharing, then please show your appreciation in what way you may. 

$3/month is enough, if that's what you can do. I appreciate you. I appreciate that you and your family want to learn more with me!

It's an affordable and accessible way to provide physical education (based on 17+ years of massage practice and 15+ years of flow arts practice), in a whimsical way, to practice with your children.

EIM supports developing and aging bodies. 

This is practice that could span generations; providing your family a fun wellness activity that you do together--and inspire each other. 

Inspiration and appreciation are elementally functional skills that we may consciously foster.

EIM for FUNctional Movement Outdoors

A fun way to share self-care, and socialize at a safe distance from each other--for groups of 8 or less.

EIM requires more than 6 ft of space in between each body; and we choose to practice with masks on, as a form of eustress training, and to support our breath awareness--as well as out of respect for each other. 

The rate is same regardless of group size--whether as individual or up to 8; share the session and save together!

It is gratifying to assist you with the maintenance of your vessel.  Your body is a spaceship!

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