August 20, 2020


This word-spell guides me. 

I recognize it's been a bit since I posted in this sector; life has thrown us through loops.

We each adapt as best we can; that's part of practicing being "transitional."

Adapting to change is important; re-evaluating our expectations is necessary. 

Expectations are basically opinions about how we each think we want the world/environment/parameters/individual that we are observing, at the moment, to be. If they fail to meet our opinion/expectation, then we are dissatisfied with *them.*

Yet, "they" have not personally done anything intentionally wrong to us; our opinion is thus the source of discomfort. 

It's important to re-evaluate other's expectations of me; as in, they expect me to express my boundaries/needs, when I have them...which means NOT saying "yes," when we want to say, "no."

More energy is wasted (and damage is done) when we suppress our frustration at ourselves, for having made an agreement that we did not feel 100% confident we wanted to make. Even 1% of dissatisfaction will grow...fester...and by the time it expresses itself, it can be pretty darn nasty--and we tend to direct it whoever/whatever we made the agreement with. 

I recognize that when I get angry with an individual, I cannot see the whole person anymore; and my spiteful mind seeks out every flaw and failed expectation...and magnifies them so I want to create separation between self and other..resulting in greater dissatisfaction--and eventually, conflict. The longer it takes to erupt, the more intense the blast.

The best way to avoid unnecessary conflict, is to honor our boundaries; and communicate them.

Our boundaries are the preferences that we are not willing to be flexible with; and they are subject to change over time, so it's preferable to regularly check-in with ourselves...we may not have recognized that our preferences shifted; the better we understand our current preferences and needs, the easier it will be to communicate them to others. 

We can't very well express that which we are not present with, within ourselves, to anyone else; and we can't expect any one else to read our minds...nor be looking out for anyone else's best interest but their own. 

Not from the sense that people are inherently selfish; simply that people are inherently human--and depending on the circumstances, nature/nurture programs, stress levels, and level of conscious awareness of how their choices affect those around's impractical to expect *anything* from anybody else. 

Having expectations is not terrible--I'm not saying to give up on them; our expectations express our preferences, as well as opinions--a preference is our opinion that we enjoy/appreciate a person/place/thing/experience. 

Or maybe I am saying to give up "expectations..." ...and trade them for "preferences,' which are less demanding. 

Life is short; some preferences are definitely boundaries--they remain inflexible; other preferences...are just that...and just because someone doesn't match our preference in some way or other, doesn't mean they don't have value, or that common ground can't be found.

It's preferable to practice being flexible; it's preferable to acknowledge that we can share presence, pleasantly, despite our different preferences and boundaries. 

It takes practice. 

Speaking of practice: I have officially shifted over from being a massage therapy provider, to an Elementally Functional Fitness provider. Technically it had already happened, when I stopped practicing massage therapy, and started making mobilization videos to occupy myself in way that I preferred....but I hadn't yet stumbled upon the title. 

That is more recent...and with today's web-site over-haul--it's official. 

Today I graduated from Invisalign to retainers. 
Today my Dad made it to another year on this Earth. 
Today I take on a new mantle. 

Today I am Elementally Imperfectly FUNctional, for life. 


Choosing the Optimistic Perspective

January 13, 2020
Today I had a conversation with a friend about the semantics of "optimism."

She took it to mean "positive to the extreme," which in my opinion would be more akin to "blind optimism"--believing that everything is going to work out because it "always does" due to some sort of magical belief. 

The opposite would be "blind pessimism"--like the belief that one is "cursed," and thus "doomed to suffer."

My perspective of optimism, is that one accepts that life has challenges, and that it's not always e...
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Navigational Tools: The P's

August 23, 2019
In 2019, I have been practicing shifting my language.

Language is programming. How we talk to ourselves, is us talking to our nervous systems.

"Positive/negative" are words that I attempt to use primarily to describe polarity--but not persons, places or things...anymore, anyhow! (It's a programming practice).

A different perspective has been serving me well, thus far:

1. Is it practical?
2. Is it preferable?
3. Is it pleasant? me? (Because everyone is different, so these answers vary as much a...
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The Practice of "Being Okay With"

December 10, 2018

"How do you feel today?"


"Just okay? What's wrong?"

Nothing at all, really...I'm okay with the world and it's foibles.

To our nervous systems, being "okay" is a sustainable place to be; "okay" equates with "safe," which means we have more resources available for self-repair and restoration.

When we are "just okay," we aren't overly excited, which (while being a fun ride and an enjoyable experience) may reduce the energetic resources that are available to our self-repair/immune systems.

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Practicing a Neutral Posture

August 11, 2018

When it comes to our Hoopment practice, the Neutral Posture is as important as allowing the hoops to guide our movements.

A Neutral Posture provides a stable base, that allows for motion/sway, while supporting our spines/centers/cores.

As we practice Level 1, Finding Our Centers, we are not only discovering how the hoops prefer to move, we are also practicing maintaining our Neutral Postures throughout all of our movements--despite changes in elevation or foot position.

While grazing the hoops d...
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Acknowledging Our Human Tendencies

July 15, 2018
When it comes to reducing pressure on our nervous systems/vessels, WE are most instrumental.

Each individual has a basic reaction to ALL the things being taken in by our senses, whether biologically/socially programmed, or chosen.

The basic reaction is colored by the filters through which we perceive the data that our nervous systems are interpreting. 

Frustration is a human emotion that many of us (if not all of us -Allovus-) can admit to experiencing...sometimes daily...multiple times a day. 

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The Importance of "Choice"

June 16, 2018
Our experiences on this planet are very much affected by whether or not we feel we have a choice.

There are humans who think this experience has no reason; there are some who think this planet is a form of purgatory, or a prison planet; some people think it's a testing ground of our virtue, that determines where we go in the after-life....there are likely as many iterations of "why" as there are individuals, even when the perspectives are shared.

I spent more than a few years wondering why I wa...
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Clients & MT's: Seek Compatibility

March 16, 2018
Throughout the last 15 years that I have provided massage therapy, my working style has evolved. I would be a very bored therapist if I hadn't...I likely wouldn't be in this line of work anymore!

In the earlier years, I tried my best to provide each client with the session that they expressed wanting--which early on, was intensely deep tissue, primarily on the back, because that's where they felt discomfort, and that's what they wanted.
After a couple years of that, I recognized that my clien...
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Holding Space: Pressure Rainbow Style

March 11, 2018
Since recognizing the Pressure Rainbow as a valuable tool for better understanding one's self and nervous system, I have been practicing "holding space" in the Blue, Blue-Green, and Green zones.

"Holding space" basically refers to being present, usually with/for other people. 

After acknowledging the Pressure Rainbow, I started recognizing when I was in a certain color zone, as well as when other people were, as well.

Over a lifetime, I've recognized that, thanks to (unconscious) social mirrorin...
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Silence is Golden

February 10, 2018

It's something that, honestly, took me a few years to learn.

As a massage therapist, I acknowledge that the time on the table is the client's time; and not mine. 

As a human being... 

I tend to be fairly open already, even more so when vulnerable. It was easier to express thoughts/feelings to individuals who weren't as close to me as my primary nurturers, especially when the vulnerability was in regard to a primary nurturer. I avoided conflict with my primary nurturers; which filled me with much...
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