The Practice of "Being Okay With"

December 10, 2018

"How do you feel today?"


"Just okay? What's wrong?"

Nothing at all, really...I'm okay with the world and it's foibles.

To our nervous systems, being "okay" is a sustainable place to be; "okay" equates with "safe," which means we have more resources available for self-repair and restoration.

When we are "just okay," we aren't overly excited, which (while being a fun ride and an enjoyable experience) may reduce the energetic resources that are available to our self-repair/immune systems.

When we are "just okay," we aren't overly stressed out (due to XYZ life and things and stuff), which tends to redirect our resources to our protective systems; and shift our perception to seeking that which may be harming us. 

"Okay" is fabulous, in my opinion. 

Not only feeling okay, but also, being okay with. 

That is a practice in itself, that I have found helps to reinforce to my nervous system that I am safe, thus reducing/preventing neurological tension; resulting in less internal pressure on my nerves = less perceived discomfort and more mobility. 

It also helps me recognize when I may not be safe, and change direction as needed; while reducing the false alarms set off by my socially conditioned opinions. 

I was surprised sometimes, when I made the statements, and realized that I hadn't been "okay with" things that I perceive as pleasant--because somewhere inside myself, I didn't feel deserving/worthy of receiving/experiencing. And I became okay with that, and in becoming okay with that, allowed myself to receive.

I have experienced, within practicing being okay with that which I perceive to be unpleasant, that I can better cope with that which I perceive to be unpleasant...and instead of detaching/disconnecting to protect myself from unpleasant feelings, I address the situation. Because I am okay with acknowledging and expressing my boundaries.

I am also okay with differing perspectives/opinions, because I acknowledge that it's okay for me to state my own and/or remove myself, as I see fit. It's okay that we see the world through different lenses. It is what it is--undeniably. I am totally okay with that. 

I am okay with the fact that people will make choices that I don't approve of, and that the same goes for myself; and I am okay with the fact that my approval is not necessary, neither is anyone else's. We are going to feel feelings, and have thoughts about things, because we are conscious beings who think and feel. I am okay with that.

I am okay with comfort; I am okay with discomfort. Both are temporary experiences. I am okay with temporary experiences. I am grateful to be present and able to perceive both and the spectrum in between.

I am okay with abundance; I am okay with lack. Both are perceptions that shift based on opinion...and necessary, in a sense, so that we may better experience appreciation. I am okay with appreciating both abundance and lack; I am okay with enjoying and relishing my experience of lack as well as abundance. I am okay with either state; I am okay with practicing dwelling in the space between.

I am okay with my perception of imbalance in the world, as it motivates me to seek greater balance within my own sphere; I am okay with and acknowledge that what I can affect most is myself first, and that which extends directly outside of my self, to my "outer" sphere of perception. That which is right in front of me.

I am okay with working within my sphere of affect, and acknowledge that it may carry on further--and am okay, either way. I am grateful for the desire to be of service, and dance within the imbalance...which makes me strong, flexible, and adaptable. I am also okay with being weak and inflexible sometimes--because the more "okay with it" I am in those moments, the sooner they pass. 

I am okay with the acknowledgement that there are many things that I perceive to be unacceptable & unjust; and I am okay with my inability to change certain aspects of the world. It doesn't mean I don't strive to do what I can. I am okay with what I am able to do, with the resources that I have, at any given moment. I am grateful for the opportunity to try.

I am okay with failure; and I am okay with success. Both are necessary on our journeys, as we grow through life. The practice of embracing both as friends, rather than preferring one over the other, helps me be okay with both--so I better learn what I need to, and move forward. I'm okay with moving forward. 

I'm okay with taking a few steps back, because sometimes that happens; and the more okay I am with "not making progress"/"going backward," the sooner I can see why those steps were necessary.  I'm okay with perceiving life as a dance, and recognizing that they are necessary steps of a larger sequence.

I am okay with stillness. I am okay by myself. I am okay when I am surrounded by strangers. I am okay with the fact that I feel uncomfortable in large groups of people; and I am okay with requiring a physical outlet for that discomfort. I am grateful to have found a tool for that, stumbled upon, that may be of service to others. I am okay with stumbling.

I am okay with flailing; I am okay with flying. As we flail about, we eventually learn to flap, and then fly. I'm okay with taking my time as I get used to my wings. 

I am okay with the fact that sometimes, I won't feel okay. That's okay, too. It will pass, and then I will feel okay again. It's okay to forget sometimes; because then we get to appreciate the joy of remembering. 

I am okay with receiving; I am okay with sharing; and I am okay with reserving for myself. 

I am okay with perceiving that everything I do is voluntary, and a choice. I am okay with not feeling that way sometimes; because I am human, and feel and think, and am subject to change...with hydration, food, environment....abundance of/lack of....stimulation...because I have a nervous system.

I am okay with being human and having a nervous system. I am grateful to perceive life through a human vessel.

I am okay with however long it took me to get to this point...because it's what it was, so I choose to perceive that it was exactly how it needed to be...and I am okay with the ride, up to this point; and I am okay with the journey that is ever unfolding before me. 

I am okay with making changes, as needed, within my sphere of affect; and I am okay with allowing them to reveal themselves to I may deal with them...gently.  

I have found that gentle changes seem to take better than not. I am okay with gentle changes and transitions.

I am okay with "rough" transitions; they test my boundaries and reveal my growing edges. I am okay with growing pains; they are temporary.

I am okay with my preference for gentle over rough; and I acknowledge that it is okay to choose that path.

Just as it is okay for another to choose a different path. It is also okay for me to choose which bodies to gravitate toward and away from.

It seems I've come full circle on this meditation...I'm sure I could keep going...but would be re-iterating the same ideas in different ways. That's okay, too. 

I think you get the gist of it. 

Hoopy holidays, and cheers to being okay with whatever 2019 brings us, and being grateful for the challenges that spurn us to grow and shift and change, within and without!


Practicing a Neutral Posture

August 11, 2018

When it comes to our Hoopment practice, the Neutral Posture is as important as allowing the hoops to guide our movements.

A Neutral Posture provides a stable base, that allows for motion/sway, while supporting our spines/centers/cores.

As we practice Level 1, Finding Our Centers, we are not only discovering how the hoops prefer to move, we are also practicing maintaining our Neutral Postures throughout all of our movements--despite changes in elevation or foot position.

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Acknowledging Our Human Tendencies

July 15, 2018
When it comes to reducing pressure on our nervous systems/vessels, WE are most instrumental.

Each individual has a basic reaction to ALL the things being taken in by our senses, whether biologically/socially programmed, or chosen.

The basic reaction is colored by the filters through which we perceive the data that our nervous systems are interpreting. 

Frustration is a human emotion that many of us (if not all of us -Allovus-) can admit to experiencing...sometimes daily...multiple times a day. 

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The Importance of "Choice"

June 16, 2018
Our experiences on this planet are very much affected by whether or not we feel we have a choice.

There are humans who think this experience has no reason; there are some who think this planet is a form of purgatory, or a prison planet; some people think it's a testing ground of our virtue, that determines where we go in the after-life....there are likely as many iterations of "why" as there are individuals, even when the perspectives are shared.

I spent more than a few years wondering why I wa...
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Clients & MT's: Seek Compatibility

March 16, 2018
Throughout the last 15 years that I have provided massage therapy, my working style has evolved. I would be a very bored therapist if I hadn't...I likely wouldn't be in this line of work anymore!

In the earlier years, I tried my best to provide each client with the session that they expressed wanting--which early on, was intensely deep tissue, primarily on the back, because that's where they felt discomfort, and that's what they wanted.
After a couple years of that, I recognized that my clien...
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Holding Space: Pressure Rainbow Style

March 11, 2018
Since recognizing the Pressure Rainbow as a valuable tool for better understanding one's self and nervous system, I have been practicing "holding space" in the Blue, Blue-Green, and Green zones.

"Holding space" basically refers to being present, usually with/for other people. 

After acknowledging the Pressure Rainbow, I started recognizing when I was in a certain color zone, as well as when other people were, as well.

Over a lifetime, I've recognized that, thanks to (unconscious) social mirrorin...
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Fascial Recoil

February 10, 2018

When I was a teenager, I felt like an old woman. 

I couldn't understand why my body ached; why I had strange pains that came and went...or came and lasted for weeks, limiting my mobility, and went...I thought maybe every body hurt, and that those people were coping better than I was...

My attitude was curmudgeonly, too; which makes sense...being in pain for no apparent reason is irritating, on many levels.

Had I actually DONE something to hurt myself--well, that was logical. Pain for no apparent...
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Silence is Golden

February 10, 2018

It's something that, honestly, took me a few years to learn.

As a massage therapist, I acknowledge that the time on the table is the client's time; and not mine. 

As a human being... 

I tend to be fairly open already, even more so when vulnerable. It was easier to express thoughts/feelings to individuals who weren't as close to me as my primary nurturers, especially when the vulnerability was in regard to a primary nurturer. I avoided conflict with my primary nurturers; which filled me with much...
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The Fascial Communications Network

February 10, 2018
These vessels that we inhabit, our bodies, are walking pressure gauges; sensitive barometers tuned into our environments....receiving information gleaned by our nerves, and communicated to our nervous systems...which help direct our responses and choices...

Did you know that fascia, the connective tissue that may be considered the "packing material" of the body, is highly innervated? 

It's so much more than packing material. It's the substance that binds each muscle fiber into it's form, and co...
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Addressing the Neurological Component

February 3, 2018

Let's perceive the nervous system as the central communications system of our vessels. 

Our nervous systems interpret data that get picked up by our nerves through various senses, many of them pressure related. 

Our bodies/vessels may be perceived as pressure gauges that help us to navigate through space. What we interpret as emotions, are part of our navigational systems. 

As our excitement increases, so do our heart & breath rates. The excitement could be due to either "positive" or "negative"...
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