Massage is a Hands-On Trade

It is not possible for me to provide massage therapy, without touching people. 

Currently, we are being recommended to maintain, as much as possible, a 6-ft distance from each other (outside of our households), to "flatten the curve" of the COVID-19 pandemic, and reduce the pressure on the system.

We can more easily visualize our spheres when we extend our arms out, with a 15-16 in diameter hoop in each hand...and every one of us extends our arms out in every direction--we get a sense of our "sphere"...

We want to maintain an additional foot of space in between each sphere; reducing the likelihood that our spheres intersect.

Intersecting spheres are potentially infecting spheres. 

During a massage, spheres more than intersect--they merge--for an hour or more. 

The well-being of my clients is paramount; since working a spa shift on 3/14/2020, I have self-isolated. 

Corporate and group chair massage sessions are temporarily not available, until we get a better grasp on the situation, or have reached herd immunity; it's the only way I can continue to practice my trade with reduced risk, under the current parameters.

I will be resuming private, at-home sessions for my low-risk clients, who have also been self-isolating and/or working from home; and who feel comfortable receiving bodywork from me, under the current circumstances.

Any new clients must come from private referral, and must be abiding by self-isolating guidelines--to protect the safety of all the vessels to whom I am providing service; as well as my own, my husband's and his mother's (to whom we need to be able to provide support). 

If you have ANY symptoms, please reschedule your session.

The majority of my clients have their own massage sheets and massage tables; I am now requiring that all private clients have their own massage tables, or massage mats (I am happy to do floor-work; it is a clothed session, working primarily with my feet, while I support my body weight with a pole--the whole session can be accomplished without the use of hands). I provide a $10/visit discount to individuals who have their own gear. 

Each client is also responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of their preferred massage gear accessories (table warmer, fleece pad, bolsters, sheets.

I provide the lotion/oil/cream; unless you have your own for me to work with.

I will disinfect your home massage equipment  immediately prior to, and after each session, as standard protocol.

All clients are required to shower, with soap (not anti-bacterial soap, you want your colonies healthy), before each session; and take their temperatures 3 hrs before my arrival, and again before I make the drive over (I will contact you) as an added precautionary measure.

Soap renders the COVID-19 virus ineffective, by dissolving the fat membrane. Without the fat membrane, it ceases to operate, and can no longer infect. 

Old-fashioned soap is effective against most viruses that live on the skin. I also scrub myself well, with soap, before your session; from fingertips to past my elbow--which is standard practice in my trade. (And I arrive showered).

To limit face near-face work, and reduce the exchange of breath vapor (COVID-19 is not aerosolized by breath, as far as we know;larger droplets are required for the virus to travel), I am *from now on* providing upper body work from a side-lying posture (to address those pesky pecs and traps at the same time), instead of face-up.

This protocol shift, while unnecessary regarding COVID-19, is my chosen adaptation to working hands-on in the viral age. It's out of respect for both of us--and our families.

Lower body work may be supine (face-up), or side-lying--your preference; with the remainder of the session prone (face-down).

Together, we may continue your regularly scheduled vessel maintenance; and keep each other safe, at the same time.

Another way to help support your body (and me, financially) is through Hoopment--which absolutely requires us to have even more than 6 feet between every body, so that we have enough room to move within our spheres, without fear of our spheres intersecting and our hoops colliding.

Hoops can be wiped down/sterilized easily; and make self-care/fitness fun, for all ages. Hoopment can be practiced by most people, from beginner to advanced fitness levels.

My group classes are for 8 or less people; and I prefer practicing in outdoor spaces--especially with a group.

I also provide 1-on-1 instruction; every student gets their own hoop, for continued practice.

For many people, one class is enough to get their Hoopment practice started; you can join me for my practice, on Instagram (@thehoopment).

Learn more at

Thank you for taking care of yourself, so that you may be of service if/when you are called. 

Keep breathing. Stay kind.

We Are Consciously Kind Ones

*serving each other is what we do*

copyright mnh 2020