Massage is a Hands-On Trade

It is not possible for me to provide massage therapy, without touching people. 

Currently, we are being recommended to maintain, as much as possible, a 6-ft distance from each other (outside of our households), to "flatten the curve" of the COVID-19 pandemic, and reduce the pressure on the system.

We can more easily visualize our spheres when we extend our arms out, with a 15-16 in diameter hoop in each hand...and every one of us extends our arms out in every direction--we get a sense of our "sphere"...

We want to maintain an additional foot of space in between each sphere; reducing the likelihood that our spheres intersect.

Intersecting spheres are potentially infecting spheres. 

During a massage, spheres more than intersect--they merge--for an hour or more. 

When the state initially re-opened, I had a plan in place to get back to providing massage therapy. As the number of cases, post-opening, continue rising, I am no longer providing hands-on on care; I will be providing hands-off education, so that you can take better care of each other.

Having massage gear, like a table or mat, is helpful for both receiving and giving; but can be an investment that some don't have the resources for. 

In that case, I recommend an inflatable sea turtle!

Support your body through Hoopment--which absolutely requires us to have even more than 6 feet between every body, so that we have enough room to move within our spheres, without fear of our spheres intersecting and our hoops colliding.

Hoops can be wiped down/sterilized easily; and make self-care/fitness fun, for all ages. Hoopment can be practiced by most people, from beginner to advanced fitness levels.

My group classes are for 8 or less people; and I prefer practicing in outdoor spaces--especially with a group.

I also provide 1-on-1 instruction; every student gets their own hoop, for continued practice.

For many people, one class is enough to get their Hoopment practice started; you can join me for my practice, on Instagram (@thehoopment).

Learn more at

Thank you for taking care of yourself, so that you may be of service if/when you are called. 

Keep breathing. Stay kind.

We Are Consciously Kind Ones

*serving each other is what we do*

Affordable Alternative: Sea Turtle

I understand that massage table is cost prohibitive; and shiatsu mats are not the cheapest, either. Massage gear is expensive--but it lasts a long time. 

We can trade gear longevity for value: a $12 inflatable sea turtle; that also serves as a meditation pillow, a comfy stretching mat that adds stability/balance training, and a comfortable yard/living room lounger. AND it floats. 

A twin-size fitted sheet fits over it; and it works well for either clothed or disrobed sessions, indoors or outdoors. 

Any household with children will appreciate a sea turtle. 

Households without children will appreciate a sea turtle!

I stumbled upon this tool while in the store, buying something else; and it was an excellent find.

It makes an excellent meditation lounger/stretching platform/massage bed/napping under a tree/dancing with it for cardio/and it floats!

I love sea turtles. They are my favorite kind because they are the swiftest of all the turtles!

Search for "Intex Realistic Sea Turtle Ride On Float"


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