As of COVID-19, I Require That Each Client Have Their Own Gear.

In the current climate, potential cross-contamination prevention is imperative, from household to household. 

Every client with their own table gets $10 off each* and every session; which would, eventually, pay off the cost of the massage table, as our wellness partnership continues.

It's not a bad thing, honestly. Your table a is a useful tool.

The massage table itself becomes a vehicle to a relaxed state, over time; as our bodies come to associate the experience of laying still on a massage table, with relaxation.  

The more massages you receive, the quicker your body may associate laying on the table itself with a relaxed physical state, and you may experience a relaxed state sooner during the session. 

Many of my long-time clients express feeling relief as soon as they lay on the table, because their nervous systems already know what is about to happen.  

Muscle memory is phenomenal.Let's work with that.

*each session, from 1- 6 hrs/$10 off

You may use your table as space to practice conscious breathing, which may also support your massage program. 

As you practice conscious breathing while laying on the massage table, you are inculcating the habit of practicing conscious breathing while you are receiving your massage; which may assist your nervous system with muscle disengagement; so that we may accomplish more during your massage session, together. 

You may also use your massage table as a stretching space; I can guide you through stretches you could do on your table, to maximize its use and better support your self-care.

It's also extremely useful for Couples Care and Parents Care classes; while I teach folks to work on the floor or on a bed if they don't have a table, it's nice to have the option to use a massage table when it's preferable to floor work.

It's worth it to both of us, really...and massage tables are relatively affordable; it's worth the investment in yourself.

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