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I'm happy to serve central Texas with At-Home Elementally Intuitive Education, Family Massage classes, and Hoopment (FUNctional Movement) all in the comfort of your own home (or preferred destination!) 

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Thank you!

K'Kao: the KAT Kao reminds me to smile and breathe. It reminds me to be Kind Authentic & Transparent, as well as Patient Helpful Appreciative and Transitional. It reminds me to relax, and trust that chaos (the Kao) may be perceived as a helpful vehicle that is carrying me to where I presently be...and here we are.

Tools Related to

Self-Awareness, Self-Care, & Communication

I enjoy being a "Wellness Facilitator."

Beyond providing massage therapy, I provided education; I wanted my clients to understand the mechanics of their bodies, so that they can better maintain their vessels. 

Being able to A) perceive what our nervous systems are communicating to us and B) clearly communicate that information to others are both important aspects of being human, and not necessarily something that we have been taught...and that's changing. 

I don't claim to offer "the" tools, just more tools, that may be used in addition to what other folks, compelled to assist in these arenas, are also providing.

An important aspect of clear communication is self-care; if our vessels are not processing information clearly, due to neurological tension, then our systems may interpret the input with foggy lenses and thus the output may be unpleasant--which is both impractical and not preferable, all around.

For clear communication, we need to *not* be in strong emotional state--the calmer and more present we are, the more objectively we can take in the situation.

Otherwise we may misinterpret body language, even the verbal information that is coming in. Food flavors change. It's an interesting phenomena.

Physically, it helps for our bodies to be open and mobile; when we move more fluidly and with awareness, we may be less likely to injure ourselves.

A body that moves more easily, may retain less tension: neurological tension, or physical tension (due to exertion)...maybe.

It's something I have witnessed & experienced personally--all I can say is, try it. Move your body, gently, more often, through varied ranges of motion...and see how you feel.

Neurological tension=physical tension=pressure on our nerves...which may lead to oxygen deprivation as well as danger signals, which then signal the body to maintain tension, as a protective measure. 

Repetitive movements (from work/play) may irritate/activate trigger point ("knots"), resulting in localized (and somtimes referred) discomfort. 

Elementally Intuitive Movement, with or without implements,  helps to gently mobilize the body:so that our tissues may move more freely; as well as provides core & stabilizer training, so that our bodies are better supported by our muscles; and trains our nervous system to move with spatial awareness and grace, intuitively.

Oh, and it's fun, too.

I highly recommend reading Brain Rules for Baby, by John Medina, for anyone expecting, or with a child aged 0-5.

Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson, LMT and then some.

I offer Elementally Intuitive Movement guidance in a variety of ways. 

I am at your service.


In 2014 I self-published two (very) short books; The Pressure Rainbow & Your Body is a Spaceship!  Both books are intended to facilitate how we interpret and communicate the pressures that we are perceiving on & in our bodies.

Check out to learn more, and get a few ideas that facilitate sharing the PR with kids of all ages. If you have ideas to share, I appreciate your contributions, and may add them to the website! 

In February 2018, I added Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor to my credentials, spurned on by The Hoopment.

In March I self-published Exploring Movement Through Hoopment, and every client gets a copy, to support their own self-care practice.

Now a CE Provider, I am offering three 6-HR CE classes for massage therapists: Hoopment: Therapeutic Applications; Hoopment for the Office; and Hoopment: Teaching Essentials, as private, at home CE classes (or preferred location) for 2-4 LMT's.

The classes apply Hoopment to therapist self-care; client assesment, and self-care; and how to use hoops for self-promotion, marketing, and networking...along with tool-making skills!

In June 2018, I added Hoopmunication: A Visual Communication System to my self-published offerings. 

January 2019, I put both concepts together in Hoopment and Hoopmunication at Work.

I would love to share this program with schools!

The e-books are available freely, because I want you to have the tools you need to feel your best, so that we may all benefit from each other's commitment to self-care and clear communication

It facilitates *everything* for all of us.

All love us. 




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