Imperfectly Functional in an Imperfect World

The more vessels/bodies that I assisted with maintenance, the more obvious it became that it was easier to support vessels that take care of themselves--so I shifted my massage business to put a greater emphasis on teaching self-care....well...that's not *quite* how it happened...

I wasn't taking care of myself, for a long time; and then I *fortunately* injured my shoulder, and stumbled upon Hoopment as a way to recover..and recognized that I felt better, overall--more mobility, and less discomfort--by the time my shoulder had recovered.

I needed self-care. 

That was at the end of 2016. 

Since 2017, I have consciously been working on creating a self-care routine that works for me; that doesn't flare up pain/discomfort in my body; that I can stick to.

Sticking power, for me requires: intuitive and fun; and enough variation in motion, that the repetition is broken up--otherwise it's not practical, for me.

I focused predominantly on Hoopment as my primary source of "exercise" from mid-2017 through the end of 2019; in October I challenged myself to shimmy as long as possible...and by November had worked my way up to 20 minutes and 20 seconds. I called it my "20.20 Shimmy."

In December, I decided to add a segment to my routine that I called "Wacky Arms," because the main point is to keep my arms in constant motion/engagement...and get creative with it...and keep them going for 10 minutes and 10 seconds. I can shimmy if I want to; but mentally, I am focused on my arm movements...It became a great mindfulness practice. 

My self-care routine turned into 10.10's...Shimmy, Hoopment, Wacky Arms...guaranteed 30+ minutes a day...and I could do more any time I wanted, for as little or as long as I wanted.

I started adding in other implements. 

And most recently, I have added in weighted bars; the resistance training paired with EIM is effective and gentle.

It is sticking. And I feel so much better when I do it.

Returning to spa work full-time, in 2021, has given me the opportunity to prove the efficacy of my program on myself, as a working body--providing 6-7 massage sessions/day 4-6 days a week (extra shifts)--and THRIVING through it. 

It's an Elementally Intuitive Imperfectly Functional practice...composed of many different aspects... that holistically helps me take better care of myself. 

Since it works so well for me, and I enjoy sharing wellness as well as educating, it makes sense to take the next progressive step on my Elementally Intuitive journey....share it!

Elementally Intuitive Movement is Hoopment, and then some.

Circular motion, paired with an engaged center--protecting our spines through abdominal support....and mindful, gentle movement--that is intuitive and improvised.

Elementally Intuitive Movement 101 requires no implements at all; and is the foundation of the Elemental Implement Manipulation classes. All classes are based on the same sequential (O-5) seven levels of movement.

Hoopment set me on this path; the hoops are training wheels for ergonomic movement, that helped me establish the learning sequence--but they are not necessarily accessible; they cannot be bought anywhere--they have to be made (hence MYOhoop make your own myo guide).

The other implements are more accessible: some can be purchased; some can be found. 

I like to say that the implement will find you...I stumbled upon most of them...and some of them were found items (lake gifts) I like to say, "Pay attention; and the implement will find you."

Or implements. I'm personally a fan of mastering ALL the elements, just like Ang, on "The Last Airbender." 

We can all become avatars, if we choose to work with all the elements that we have to our access. 

Sometimes, we have to get creative--and those are some of the best times. 

All of these activities may be practiced either indoors or outdoors--alone or with a group. The best way to practice these activities is with plenty of space in between bodies--and without spheres intersecting, there is no fear of infecting!

I seek the PHAT KATs: Patient Helpful Appreciative Transitional Kind Authentic and Transparent selves. 

Maybe we can't be PHAT all the time; but at least if we're being KAT, we're cool. 

Thank you for taking care of your vessel, so that you may continue navigating through space!

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