Education Helps Us FUNction 

 The more we know about how to take care of our bodies, the better our systems feel and function.  Helping each other operate at our best capacity is a fabulous way to show our mutual appreciation, in my opinion.  

Let me help you help others, starting with your family.

Family Massage Guidance teaches you hands-on massage, through you practicing on yourself as I guide you (from a safe distance); and then y'all get to practice on each other. Add EIM for greater benefits!

Elementally Intuitive Movement may be Intuitive Movement 101; and may progress to Elemental Implement Manipulation.

The Support Series* of workshops caters to the helpers; by offering the same total price for 1-8 people, and dividing the hoops, folks have the opportunity to gather together and learn at an affordable price--and go home with a 2+ hoops to get them started in their own self-care practice, as well as the skills to make more. 

Parents are helpers, too: helping to raise the next generation of humans; collaborating with and taking care of each other. and themselves. The better care we take of our own bodies & minds, the more resources we have to share with each other.

Anyone can download free E-books of everything I have put together; just peruse the site and you will find them.

**This information is only for application to your self and family, and does not certify or license you to charge others for treatment.**

CE CLASSES ARE NOT LISTED HERE as price may vary based on class size;

CE Class payment may be sorted through Paypal, Venmo, money order, or cash.

Elementally Intuitive Movement

$ 200.00 USD

Priced by the hour; total for 1-8 humans, of walking age. Four hour maximum.

Physical education is important; especially for kids who may not be athletically inclined--I know! I was asthmatic, over-weight bookworm.

Elementally Intuitive Movement is based in flow arts; it's foundation is Intuitive Movement 101, which introduces students to the six progressive levels of conscious movement.

We advance to Elemental Implement Manipulation; working with preferred implements. (Implements are not provided).

Family Massage Guidance

$ 200.00 USD

The flat rate is $200/hr; though you may want to book 2-3 hours, depending on the size of your family--and/or multiple sessions.

I provide in-person guidance, at a safe distance: initially beginning with self-massage, so each learn how to use your hands on yourselves; then moving on to how you can work on each other's problem areas, applying the hands-on method that you learned on yourself.

This is an opportunity to practice clear communication, regarding perceived pressure, using the Pressure Rainbow (colors and numbers) so your partner learns to adjust their hands according to your particular needs, which will vary daily.

Without providing hands-on instruction, I guide you through gentle massage techniques that will help you support each other, within the safety of your family/pod.

Take care of your flock and cheers to your health!

EIM + Family/Self Massage

$ 250.00 USD

Because I believe in the power of intuitive movement as a self-care and functional mobility training practice, I want to make it an affordable addition to your guided massage sessions.

Included are either 4 balls, or one hoop set (4 hoops); you may easily make your own hoops, if you want more!

Alternatively, I offer a class that includes hoops, if you don't want to make more tools yourself.

This is an hourly rate; you may want to book 2-3 hours, depending on the size of your family; or multiple sessions, so that we have enough time to cover self-massage and then applying the hands-on techniques you learned on your own body, on each other; as well as learning levels O-2 (the first 4 levels) of your preferred Elemental Implement.

You will also learn fun ways to use the implements together, as family, to stretch and mobilize each other--contactless--as a group.

It feels like playing together, instead of exercise. The time flies!

Implementing Hoopment in the Classroom*

$ 500.00 USD

This 2-hr workshop is targeted to Pre-K/K/Grade-1 school teachers, and is open to any grade teacher who wants to learn how to make, and implement, mini-hoops as tools that can help teach mindfulness, as well as provide training wheels for ergonomic movement, to their students.

The workshop includes 100 ft of tubing, plus additional required materials; and class size may be from 1-8 teachers. The hoops will be divided equally. The price is the total, regardless of class size.

Hoops serve as inexpensive "fidget-spinners" that teach resposibility, via each child taking care of their hoops, and practicing respecting other people's hoops; as well as practicing communication skills.

The Pressure Rainbow is an additional tool/concept that may be integrated into the classroom, to facilitate communication and increase self-awareness, that I look forward to sharing with you!


Hoopment: Emergency Services Applications*

$ 500.00 USD

This 2-hr workshop is geared toward Emergency Services support members, such as Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTs, & Peace Officers, as well as Nurses and other Medical Support personnel.

The rate is the same for 1-8 people; the hoops will be divided among the students equally. The price is the total, regardless of class size.

You will learn how to make the hoops; and work with them as self-care tools, as well as explore potential applications in emergency situations.

Hoopment may be useful for processing anxiety; it helps channel nervous energy (fidget-spinner), and may be used as a visual tool in conjunction with Conscious Breathing exercises.

The Pressure Rainbow may also serve as a valuable communication tool in times of crisis, especially when working with individuals who may be non-verbal.

Hoopment for Wellness Providers*

$ 500.00 USD

Whatever your arena of wellness support, whether is it is physical or mental, you qualify for this workshop.

1-8 people, same rate; 1 person means you get private instruction and a complete hoop set of 32. Alternatively, 8 means everyone goes home with 4 hoops, and the skills to make more.

The first hour we make our tools; the second hour we apply them.

We also address "The Pressure Rainbow" as communication system that goes deeper than "1-10," so that we may better understand the pressure/discomfort our patients/clients may be experiencing...and may help them better understand themselves, as well.

The better we can communicate to each other, the easier it may be to provide service for each other.

This can serve as an excellent team-building exercise.

Hoopment for Social Workers & Mental Health Support Providers*

$ 500.00 USD

Aside from the physiological benefits of movement, Hoopment provides therapeutic support as a tool for coping with anxiety; it also assists with self-awareness & mindfulness.

This 2-hr workshop guides you through the process of making the hoops, how to use them for self-care, and how to guide your clients/patients through the first two levels of Hoopment.

Included are 100-ft of tubing and all the necessary materials to make the hoops. The hoops will be divided equally among the students (1-8). The price is the total, regardless of class size.

The Pressure Rainbow may also serve as a useful tool for facilitating self-awareness and communication; and may be used as a non-verbal communication system when paired with the hoops. We will explore applications.

Hoopment for Movement Educators*

$ 500.00 USD

This 2-hr workshop is for any type of body movement educator: dance instructors, personal trainers, physical education teachers, yoga instructors, pilates instructors, martial arts teachers, coaches....

If you are helping bodies move, this is a great tool to add to your support toolbox.

Included are 100-ft of tubing and the other necessary materials to make the hoops.

The workshop price is the same for 1-8 people; hoops will be divided equally among the students. The price is the total, regardless of class size.

You will learn how to progress through the 5 levels of Hoopment, as well as the benefits of Yin Hoopment and seated Hoopment.

Hoopment for Special Needs Support*

$ 500.00 USD

This 2-hr workshop guides individuals who provide support for persons with special needs, such as family members; and medical/educational support team members, through the process of making the hoops & how to use them for self-care.

Included is 100-ft of tubing and the necessary materials to make the hoops. The tubing will be distributed equally among the students (1-8). The price is the total, regardless of class size.

We will explore how mini-hoops may be used as non-verbal communication tools, especially when paired with the Pressure Rainbow.

Hoopment for Elder Care Providers*

$ 500.00 USD

In addition to teaching them how to make their own hoops, this 2-hr workshop shows elder care providers how to use the hoops for self-care, as well as how to guide their parents/patients/clients through seated Hoopment and Yin Hoopment, & help mobilize their bodies (& mobilize the providers' bodies!)

Included are 100-ft of tubing and all necessary materials to make the hoops. The hoops will be divided equally among the students (1-16). The price is the total, regardless of class size.

We will also discuss aquatic applications and their benefits.

Hoopment for Clergy & Spiritual Leaders*

$ 500.00 USD

Regardless of your faith or belief system, Hoopment is a valuable self-care tool, that can also be used to illustrate spiritual concepts, and assist with religious teaching.

Hoopment serves as a moving meditation, as it strengthens our bodies, increases balance, and teaches ergonomic movement. Prayer may easily be added to Hoopmentitation.

This 2-hr workshop includes 100-ft of tubing and the necessary materials to make the hoops. The hoops will be divided equally among the students (1-8). The price is the total, regardless of class size.

You will learn how to use the hoops for self-care; how to teach your community how to use them for self-care, up through the first 2 levels of Hoopment; and we will explore how the practice of allowing the hoops to move us, helps us to practice allowing, as well as being present.

The Pressure Rainbow, as gage for becoming aware of how environmental/emotional stress is affecting our bodies, may help facilitate inter-personal communication through increased self-awareness.

Hoopment for Parents*

$ 500.00 USD

Because parents are vital in the preparation of the next generation, they are also included in the Support Series.

The workshop is the same rate, from 1-8 students, regardless of class size, and comes with 100 ft of hoop tubing + necessary making materials. The hoops (32) are divided equally among the students.

You will learn how to use the hoops for self-care, and how to teach your kids to use them as training wheels for ergonomic movement; as well as non-verbal communication uses, and how to use the hoops as visual aids to teach abstract concepts such as boundaries & respect.

The Pressure Rainbow via "Your Body is a Spaceship!" helps kids practice & express self-awareness; and helps support the process of adapting/coping to what life throws at us. PDF copies of both books are included with the workshop.

*This class is for adults only; please do not bring your children to the workshop (unless you are hosting the workshop & they happen to be there; in that case, THANK YOU!)

Hoopment @ the Office

$ 1000.00 USD

This 1-hr team building session teaches up to 8 people (at a time) Intuitive Movement 101; along with Levels 0-2 Hoopment (Elemental Implement Manipulation); and can be broken up into 15 minute sessions

Mini-hoops are our guides to intuitive, ergonomic movement; helping assist with appropriate body mechanics; that can also serve as non-verbal communication tools, expressing the desire for space/proximity.

Hoopment provides novel movements for our bodies, as we explore space with the hoops--reminding our bodies of the dynamic ways that we can move; thus countering the repetitive posturing that we often encounter in the workplace.

Includes a double hoop set (8) for the office.

Hoopmaking for Human Resources

$ 1200.00 USD

This 1-hr workshop is designed to teach up to 8 employees from your HR department how to make mini hoops (100 ft of tubing), and how to guide their co-workers through basic stretches that may help reduce repetitive motion fatigue/injury in workplace; as well provide an outlet for mindful movement that may help increase workplace creativity, due to the "flow-state" provided by just a few minutes of practicing Hoopment.

This is a great addition to "Hoopment for Wellness @ the Office," so your employees may enjoy having an office hoop as well as a personal hoop.

"Hoopment for Wellness @ the Office" may be an add-on to Corporate Chair Massage.

When HR has the skills to provide inexpensive self-care tools that your employees can use throughout the day, you can provide an environment that may help ensure your employees feel supported. 


Hoopment for Wellness @ the Office for Non-Profits

$ 750.00 USD

Priced per hour.

Group size is a maximum of 8; Hoopment sessions can be as short as 15 minute increments/group.

30 minutes/group is optimum: 15 minutes of guided Hoopment + 15 minutes of free-play exploration. 

Maximum is 4 hrs. 

I bring my 32 hoop set, and leave a set of 4 for your office; along with a print copy of "Hoopment & Hoopmunication At Work."

Thank you for your service!

Hoopment for One

$ 230.00 USD

One hour class; we will practice allowing the hoop to gently guide our bodies through a circular range of motion.


Includes 8 bare hoops in 4 diameters.

Add your own duct tape/electrical tape for weight/grip/decoration.

Hoopment for Two

$ 300.00 USD

Invite a friend and save; and learn from each other, as you practice together.

1 hr class



Includes 12 bare hoops in 4 diameters.

Add your own duct tape/electrical tape for weight/grip/decoration.

Hoopment for More

$ 360.00 USD

For  3-8 people; one group class will likely be enough to get your Hoop Group moving--and keep moving as y'all gather together regularly and continue practicing the Hoopment.

No additional guidance needed, when you have each other. Pretty neat and super worth it! :-)

1 hr class

Includes 16 bare hoops in 4 diameters.

Add your own duct tape/electrical tape for weight/grip/decoration.


Hoop Making Workshop

$ 500.00 USD

This 2-hr workshop includes 100 ft of hoop tubing, plus connector tubing, wrapping tape and detail tape, which yields 32 equal sized hoops; or 8 sets of hoops in 4 different diameters.

You will learn how to make the hoops, as well as Hoopment essentials to get you started in your practice of allowing the hoops to move you. 

Having hoops of different sizes provides the body with training wheels for ergonomic movement that guide the body through different ranges of motion. 

This workshop is available for 1-8 people; the price is the same regardless of class size.  The hoops will be divided equally.


Hoop-Making for Kids (8-12)

$ 500.00 USD

This 2-hr workshop includes all the necessary materials to make 8 hoop sets (4 hoops of 4 diameters) out of 100 ft of tubing, for 8 kids.

We will make the hoops; wrap/decorate the hoops; and learn how to practice allowing the hoops to move us.

Emphasis is placed on respecting boundaries, and keeping our hoops within our spheres--which is why we always maintain a hold of them, so they can't fly off into someone else's space.

Adult participation is required; it provides the opportunity for parents/family to learn, too!

Once you know how to make hoops, you can expand your Hoopment practice from self-care to sharing care--and give mini-hoops away to friends and family, as gifts.

The better care we take of ourselves, the better we feel--which supports pleasant interactions, all around. We can each do our part to support that process, when we choose to.

THE Hoopment! It's a mini-movement.

Hoop-Making for Teens

$ 500.00 USD

This 2-hr workshop includes all the necessary materials to make 8 hoop sets (4 hoops of 4 diameters) out of 100 ft of tubing, for 8 teens.

Emphasis is placed on body mechanics, and applying the movement training that Hoopment provides, to other activities, such as sports and hobbies, even household chores.

We explore mindfulness training applications, and how practicing Hoopment can help increase both environmental and body awareness; and how that increased awareness can assist us as we navigate through life, sans hoops.

Adult participation is preferred; it provides the opportunity for parents/family to learn, too!

Hoopment provides opportunities for community volunteerism, through facilitating Hoopment for others.

Mini-hoops are easily made with inexpensive materials, and offer excellent profit returns--granting teens the opportunity to practice entrepreneurship.

I recommend selling them at: 1/$10; 2/$15; 3/$20; 4/$25; and giving away every 5th hoop to whoever you feel would benefit most. It's how we help The Hoopment grow--and in so doing, we help each other grow, with self-care!

EFFFn Hands-On Work

$ 230.00 USD

Massage therapy is only available on an outcall basis to Elementally Functional Family Fitness wellness support members; membership is limited ($123/month).

Price is per hour; maximum 2-hr session, minimum 60 minute. This is *hands on* time.

Included with your session* is an additional 30-minute evaluation/intention setting (every body is different every day) before the session; and a 30-minute integration period, after your session. (Same regardless of session length). You are in charge of your wellness--you direct your session, before we begin.

We are working together, to support your vessel! Your body appreciates your deliberate attention and intentions.

All clients must provide their own massage gear, whether it be a table, shiatsu mat, or inflatable sea turtle. All are workable options.

Outdoor sessions preferred over indoor! Thank you for your consideration.

*Rate for *hands on* time; the full session is 2-3 hrs: massage + pre/post session. Make sure you schedule your day accordingly.

You must be vaccinated and boostered against COVID-19 to receive bodywork from me. I am.
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