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Repetitive motion stress is real. 

Repetitive motions train our bodies to remain in imbalanced postures; that can be countered with novel movements. 

Elementally Intuitive Movement provides novel movement that mobilizes our bodies, gently reminding our muscles that they are capable of moving in a variety of ways.

For folks who spend hours in front of a computer, it encourages chest-opening motions, that relieve back tension through providing slack to the back muscle--that have been pulled forward due to pectoral tension (from supporting arms that stay in front of a keyboard all day).

It's fun, easy, and effective.

Two options are available at the office:

Elementally Intuitive Movement 101 does not require any implements; or Hoopment (which includes hoops for the class, and I leave a set for the office)--included with Hoopment at Work is Hoopmunication (a non-verbal communication system that helps increase slack and reduce inter-office friction).

Either way; regularly mobilizing our bodies, with varied movements, helps counter repetitive motion fatigue. 

Implements are not required to reap the benefits; and for larger groups, is preferred.

Each body requires a 6-foot radius to freely explore their spheres; and not intersect with the spheres of their peers.

Individuals/groups can get many benefits from a 10-15 minute session; and have the foundation (knowledge) to continue unguided practice, on their own. 

See "Purchase Sessions" for rates.

Should your employees express desire for more Elementally Intuitive Movement, I offer "Hoopment at the Office;" and "Hoopmaking for Human Resources," so staff members can learn how to make simple, inexpensive self-care tools for the crew-as well as teach the team how to use them.

The better we feel, the clearer we may perceive what is happening in our environments; and the better we may be of service, whatever we may be doing. Movement can help.

To reserve Elementally Intuitive Movement for your working community, contact me directly.

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