Elemental Implements

Pay attention, and the implement(s) may find you.

Master any one implement, and you could move on to Fire implement manipulation...

But why master only one when you can master them all?

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The implement that sent me down this rabbit hole, was a smaller diameter hoop--a tool stumbled upon when motivated by pain; to assist my body's recovery of a pro-longed shoulder injury. If there seems to be a lot of emphasis on Hoopment, it's because that was the start. 

My successful recovery + the added benefits provided by regular practice, inspired me to make hoops and give them away; and a dear friend reminded me that "intuitive movement" isn't so intuitive for everyone--I had (at the time) 12 years of flow arts practice guiding my body. 

She encouraged me to break it down; I had indeed started dancing with fire, in 2005.

Levels 1-5 were born; and then I realized that before we begin "Finding Our Center," we need to "Get to Know Our Guide," and Level O became a necessary preliminary step. 

In a way, Level O honors the MYOhoop as the "first implement" in my Elemental Toolbox. 

Make Your Own hoops mobilize our myofascial system. 

But they aren't the only implements that we can be moved by--all we have to do is use a little imagination. 

I stumbled upon a few other implements...and I'm sure that more will come across my path...and when it happens, I'll pass it on...because that's how I like to play the game. Sharing tools is how we raise each other up.

MYOhoops, being made of water-pipe, represent the Water element.

They may be used on land or in water...though technically, all the Elemental Implements I provide training in could be used on land or in water, albeit some more readily than others. 

Working in different environments provides different conditioning opportunities. 

So does working with a mask on, vs. not. Observe.

We're conditioning our consciousness as well, remember?

EIM is physical training as well as mindfulness training--deliberately paying attention to the six foundations as we gently explore our spheres.

 Let's meet our Elemental Implements:

Water: MYOhoop; Wacky Noodle (pool noodle)

Air: Ball/Sphere; Inflatable Pool Tube (donut)

Earth: Stone--HeartStone

Metal: Spoon; Good Can (canned good)

Wood: Stick; staff; Wood Wand

Water/Earth: WaterStone (hagstone) ..special find..

Air/Water/Earth: Power Animal (inflatable pool creature)

Once we have Intuitive Movement 101 as our foundation, we are familiar with the six levels of movement; and now we apply everything that we practiced in IM 101, with preferred implement in hand.

The only difference is level 5; "Intuitive Integration" becomes "Engaging More Implements;" and we begin with two of the same implements (odd/even sizes), and progress to integrating implements--working with a different implement in each hand...which provides interesting neurological input and mobility training.

Otherwise, it's basically the same: 

Level O: Getting to Know Our Guide

Level 1: Finding Our Center

Level 1.5: Beginning To Explore

Level 2: Expanding Into Our Sphere

Level 3: Mobile Sphere Exploration

Level 4: Returning to Center

Level 5: ...is the seventh level, but that's okay...before there was 1 there was O... and there is space for between.

So, in some stumbled upon way, Level O honors the null/void that came before there was 1 to witness that void...and once there was 1, the void became full...

A fable...whether or not it's "true" is irrelevant; it's aspects serve to teach. It's a metaphor; or a parable:

First came O (the void/null), then came 1; and the O ceased to exist.

Eventually, 1 divided; and then there were 2. That was ok; lot's of yes and no; no and no; yes and yes. 

Suddenly there were 3; and then "maybe" joined the equation.

A sense of balance was created by 4...until divided oddly. Three against one; not a fair fight; three supporting one; what a delight...but impractical, because unfair...eventually some begin to care.

With five, one could be asked to deliberate; if able to remain objective, the fifth served as intermediary for the equally divided sides. But should that fifth take an opinionated view, that's 3 against 2; and that won't do. 

So then there were 6 to balance out the mix...and they have been learning how to dance together ever since...plus one-

Air Water Earth Fire Metal Wood... a blend of East and West...with Spirit/Ether being the interstitial fluid that holds them all together.... We may perceive that we be composed of all the elements.

Integrate them all...and imperfect functionality becomes attainable.

Each body in a different configuration...each unique person expressing the strengths and challenges of their combined traits.

Each individual journey, a discovery of what *kind* of vessel we may be...with recognition that we are *learning vessels,* and adaptable.

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