At-Home Massage is coming to Austin County!

Every 4-6 weeks, I will be in the area for a few days, offering at-home therapeutic massage sessions.

I will announce the dates available for booking via the Bellville Chamber of Commerce site.

When in the area, I am based out of Burleigh--placing me centrally between Bellville, Sealy, Hempstead, & Brookshire. (Close enough to the Austin County line!)

I amavailable by appointment only. 

Quality Service at Affordable Prices

The standard discount of 20% off, of up to a 3 hr session (for two 90-min or three 60-min), which is usually for the first session ONLY, is extended to EVERY session for residents of Austin county; as well as Hempstead and Brookshire.

25% off of up to 2 hrs, for service industry, is also standard. Share with me what you do for a living, and I will tell you if you qualify.

Mainly, if you help people, you get a bigger discount.

Contact me via e-mail for more information.

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