Show You Care:  Share the Chair!

Did you know, providing chair massage for your employees may help increase productivity and boost morale?  

When your employees know you care about them and their well-being, their work environment feels more supportive.

Reducing neurological tension may result in clearer focus, and may also result in a more collaborative work environment.  

A few minutes of chair massage, such as 10 or 15 minute sessions each, is enough to relieve stress and energize the body without getting overly relaxed.  

The fifteen minutes of massage each employee receives at work once or twice a month is a small price to pay for a more productive and cooperative workplace. 

Employers may choose to cover the full cost, opt to pay the base fee, and the Employees enjoy their 10-20 minute sessions.

Employers may choose to cover the base fee, the Employees each pay for their individual sessions.

Employees may choose cover the full cost of the service, and their Employer provides a space and allows them time out of their workday for self-care.  

**1st Booking: $20 base fee**

**Regular Monthly Booking: $20 base fee**

Chair massage is wonderful at special events, as well! It's a lovely way to let people know that you appreciate them.

Booking for events may be hourly ($70/hr) or the $40 base + $1/min in 10-20 minute increments; whichever better suits your needs. 2 hr min/ 4 hr max.

I charge a basic set-up and travel fee of $40.  

**If you have me in your office twice in a week, I waive the fee on the second visit.**

The chair massage rate is a $1.00/minute of actual massage time.

The simplest method of calculation is to decide how much time you'd like for each employee; I recommend at least 10 min/person, maximum 20 minutes.

Each employee signs in for his or her session; we multiply the number of sessions by how many minutes, add $40, and there's the total.

For example:  12 x 10 minute sessions= 120+40= 160 total (which comes out to $13.33/person; if I did a second visit of 12 that same week [$280 total], $11.66/person)

Those two hours total of massage time will take an additional 75 minutes; with 5 minutes in between sessions (and a 10 min after every 4th session), to sanitize the massage chair and keep the schedule flowing at a reasonable pace.

Two hours minimum, maximum four hours (actual massage minutes) total/session. 

Hoopment at the Office

In addition to chair massage, support your employees wellness with self-care via mini-hoops!

Hoopment is the practice of allowing mini-hoops to guide the body through an ergonomic, circular range of motion. 

Practicing Hoopment may help relieve/reduce repetitive motion injuries/stress, as well as increase workplace creativity.

I offer a workshop that teaches your HR employees how to make the hoops, and how to guide their co-workers through simple stretches.

Mini-hoops are inexpensive tools that provide tangible results, and sharing them with your employees communicates that you care about their well-being.

I have set of 32 hoops that I can bring to your office, and guide your employees through gentle stretches and the first two stages of Hoopment.

It can be as short as 10 minutes, or as long as 30 minutes; the price varies with time and size of group.

Contact me directly to coordinate Hoopment at the Office as either an add-on to chair massage, or if you would like me to provide HatO by itself, for your employees self-care maintenance.

A class (sans chair massage) must be from 60-120 minutes, and may be divided into up to6 groups.

How Will You Share the Chair?

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