From Massage Therapist to Elementally Intuitive Guide

We're adapting to changing times; and while the masks are dropping, I think it's kind to consider individuals with compromised immune systems who may be susceptible to just about anything--and why not support making it a safer world for them, too?

Additionally, masking helps reduce my allergies. 

Prior to being required to wear a mask, I had already been masking every cedar season--because it cuts down on the pollen load enough to not have terrible allergies.

Since masking, neither my husband or myself have caught a cold--which for him, was a couple times a year...when school would go back in session, and the pathogens mutate and migrate and mutate some more...and the kids take it home to their parents, who would then take them to work... and we're returning to that lifestyle again. 

Why not RETAIN the masking?

Masking helps us keep each other healthy; and is an unspoken way to show respect for each other.

We can more easily visualize our spheres when we extend our arms out, with a 15-16 in diameter hoop in each hand...and every one of us extends our arms out in every direction--we get a sense of our "sphere"...

We want to maintain an additional foot of space in between each sphere; reducing the likelihood that our spheres intersect.

Intersecting spheres are potentially infecting spheres. 

So we resist the urge to merge and give each other space.

We can reinforce our wellness through practicing Elementally Intuitive Movement--which absolutely requires us to have at least 6 feet between every body, so that we have enough room to move within our spheres, without fear of our spheres intersecting and our vessels colliding.

EIM only requires self-propelled bodies & space--no other tools are needed; implements change up the game. 

We can add implements to vary our mobilizations; as different implements guide our vessels to move through space in different, yet similar ways. 

Some implements, especially Earth implements, can be readily found in our outdoor environments (conditions dependent). Stones and rocks; sticks; even long grasses. 

Many implements are easily purchased, or may be stumbled upon objects: ball/sphere; pool noodle; pool donut float; sea turtle float...air and water represent!

Domestic implements work just as well: spoons or canned goods are accessible and practical; representing metal.

Others are made: hoops made out of water pipe (water element)--easily purchased in bulk online, or by the foot at a hardware store.

There may be a greater value ascribed to implements that we stumble upon or create ourselves, vs buy. 

Hoopment MYOhoops can be wiped down/sterilized easily; making it a shareable community bonding activity--that is safe, especially with masks on. The additional eustress training provided by choosing to practice EIM, only adds more personal health benefits to the activity.

My group Hoopment classes are for 8 or less people.

I also provide 1-on-1 instruction; every student gets their own hoop, for continued practice.

For many people, one class is enough to get their Hoopment practice started; you can join me for my practice, on Instagram (@thehoopment).

Learn more at

Thank you for taking care of yourself, so that you may be of service if/when you are called. 

Keep breathing. Stay kind.

We Are Consciously Kind Ones

*serving each other is what we do*

Affordable Air Implement/

Earth Platform: Sea Turtle

I understand that massage table is cost prohibitive; and shiatsu mats are not the cheapest, either. Massage gear is expensive--but it lasts a long time. 

We can trade gear longevity for value: a $12 inflatable sea turtle; that also serves as a meditation pillow, a comfy stretching mat that adds stability/balance training, and a comfortable yard/living room lounger. AND it floats. 

A twin-size fitted sheet fits over it; and it works well for either clothed or disrobed sessions, indoors or outdoors. 

Any household with children will appreciate a sea turtle. 

Households without children will appreciate a sea turtle!

I stumbled upon this tool while in the store, buying something else; and it was an excellent find.

It makes an excellent meditation lounger/stretching platform/massage bed/napping under a tree/dancing with it for cardio/and it floats!

It's the implement we use for "Power Turtle" Elemental Implement Manipulation; representing three elements in one implement! Can you guess which elements are represented?

I love sea turtles. They are my favorite kind because they are the swiftest of all the turtles!

Search for "Intex Realistic Sea Turtle Ride On Float"


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