Lotus Unfolding Aquatic

Aquatic bodywork and Aqua-Hoopment

The Floating Lotus Pool at Sol Healing and Wellness Center

Aquatic Season 2020: April 20th - October 30th

Aquaritassage & Private Aqua-Hoopment Sessions

By appointment only; must book ahead at least 1 week prior to preferred date.


is aquatic bodywork in a heated pool, that uses water resistance to gently mobilize your body and stretch your tissues, while providing deep neurological relaxation.

Your body is supported by your therapist as you float on your back, alternating with Floatsu pillow support. 

$80 for 50 minute sessions

$130 for 110 minute (90/20) sessions

The 110 minutes sessions are 90 minutes of Aquaritassage, plus 20 minutes for Integration; giving yourself time to process your session, and re-ground and center before leaving the water.

You may choose spend the 20 minutes alone in the water (with me nearby, in the lounge or on the deck); or I can stay in the water with you...either in silence, or in reflection.

*Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your session: to fill out necessary paperwork (1st time); change clothes in the private restroom; and rinse off with hot water in the outdoor shower, prior to entering the pool.*


is practicing allowing mini-hoops to guide our movement, with water resistance, in a heated pool. 

Private AH sessions are 25 minutes of Active Aqua-Hoopment (AAH), followed by 25 minutes of Yin Aqua-Hoopment (YAH).

YAH is passive; supported by Floatsu pillows, we get to explore a different dimension of the water, and gravity, while we placidly play with our hoops--gently mobilizing and stretching our joints, relaxing after our 25 minutes of AAH.

Private 50 minute sessions are:

$60 for 1 person

$80 for 2 people

$90 for 3 people

Because it's fun to play in the water with friends!

*One-person sessions end with (optional)15 minutes of lower leg and foot Aquaritassage, during YAH.*

Private Aqua-Hoopment Intake Form

-By Appointment Only, No Walk-Ins!-

-Appointments must be scheduled at least 1 week ahead-

-Any cancellations within 72 hours of your aquatic session, incur a $20 fee-

-Every new client gets their own hoop-

Lotus Unfolding Aquatic offers community service sessions, on a sliding scale ($40+), for soldiers/veterans with PTSD; individuals who are vision or hearing impaired; mobile individuals under hospice care; and individuals on the autism spectrum.

Please contact me directly for more information.

LUA provides up to 4 service sessions/month.

Active Aqua-Hoopment is a fun way to mobilize our bodies, while taking advantage of the water resistance and the balance support that water provides. 

Working with our hoops in the water helps to support our Hoopment practice on land.

The water holds the hoops in the planes that we move them through, on land; guiding our wrists and elbows through the same motions, but slowly enough to comprehend/grasp what our bodies are doing--which can sometimes be challenging on land, since gravity and centrifugal force move the hoops more rapidly, than the hoops move through water. 

The hoops don't drop; they float.

It's a meditative and relaxing mobilization of our bodies; want more resistance/workout intensity? 

Add a hoop or two. Gentle resistance training for most ages!

Hoops are provided!

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