At-Home Massage ~Pamper Parties~ Mommy & Me Days 

Couples Care/Parents Care Massage Class ~ Hoopment

At-Home massage is a great way to relax.

I provide therapy that is tailored to each individual's needs that session, because Every Body is Different, so it's subject to change from day to day!  

Session rates vary:  The more hours/session, the greater the discount.

Each session is always tailored to your particular needs that day.  

Sometimes the body needs more stimulation, sometimes more relaxation.  A quick evaluation before the session will help determine what your needs are at that time. 

For bodies in need of neurological relaxation, DNM and ZB are gentle, non-invasive modalities that relax the body and the mind--necessary for a strong immune system.  

DNM is useful after traumatic incidents--by helping reduce hypertonicity brought on by neurological stimulation, and thus creating more slack in the body for traumatized tissues to heal, without additional trauma. 

Zero Balancing helps still a busy mind--when you've had a stressful week, adding a 30 minute ZB session prior to your massage can help better prepare your body to receive the therapy.  

With a quieter mind, you can listen:  more aware and receptive to what is happening in your body during the massage session, which adds to the neurological component that massage helps address.

On its own, Zero Balancing is quite effective, and is a fully-clothed session, making it an excellent option for individuals who need body therapy, but aren't keen on removing their clothes.

Injuries and chronic pain issues are addressed using a combination of methods, including orthopedic massage techniques that also help address the neurological component, to better assist your body in it's healing process.  

Couples Care Massage Classes are a wonderful opportunity to learn another way to communicate with your partner: through loving, compassionate touch.  The class is roughly 120 minutes.  

You and your partner will each enjoy a tandem massage as I teach each of you to work on the other by mirroring my movements, focusing on your typical problem areas.

Parents Care Massage classes assist in parent/child bonding; help teach "safe touch"; and benefits your child's physiological and psychological development, from infancy through adolescence! 

The duration of each class will vary based on the age of your child, and how many children; we will work up a "lesson plan" together that fits your family's needs.

Hoopment is the practice of allowing mini hoops to guide our movements, which we may practice before each session; individual and group classes are available for folks who want more in-depth, guided instruction.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, or if you have any questions.

Service to Austin, TX, and surrounding areas, by appointment only.  

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