With Hoops Included

One session is enough to start you on your intuitive movement journey, and allow the hoops to guide you...

Hoopment is a gentle self-care practice; that is fun, and accessible to most bodies, at various phases of mobility.

We can meet at a public park; or if you have a good-sized front or back-yard, then we are set. 

Hoopment requires that our spheres be clear, so that we can move freely; with out fear of intersecting with anyone else's sphere, or colliding with anyone else's hoop(s).

That means we have more than 6 feet of space between us; 10 feet even more preferable--to feel free to explore the space within our spheres, and maybe even be a "traveling sphere" (and dance within set parameters, with awareness and respect towards each other's space needs.)

Included with the classes, whether 1-on-1; 1-on-2; for groups of 3-8 (limit to household), are the tools you need to continue practicing Hoopment on your own, at home.

You can join me for a few minutes of my own Hoopment (plus Shimmy, Crazy Arms, & Laughing Movement) practice, on Instagram @elementallyfun.

Classes are 1-hr long; you will learn the fundamental levels of Hoopment (O-5), that build upon each other; and how to use the hoops for self-massage.

When consciously practicing preferred body-mechanics while engaging with the hoops, we train our bodies to unconsciously engage preferred body mechanics when we perform other daily activities.

Central to Hoopment is "maintaining your center,"  through consciously "holding ourselves up" with an engaged core.

The hoops are our teachers: they guide us through space.

I guide you through the practice of allowing the hoops to move your body. That is, essentially, what "Hoopment" is.

Once you understand how to allow the hoops to guide you through space, you are free to explore your sphere, with your hoops as your guide. 

Different diameters move our bodies in different ways. 

Check out the "Purchase Sessions" page for rates, and how many hoops are included. 

Hoops can easily be decontaminated with disinfectant wipes; with your own set of hoops, you can guide others through the practice of them allowing the hoop(s) to move their bodies. And that's The Hoopment--sharing Hoopment with others, so that we may keep on navigating our vessels through space, with greater awareness and mobility.

With the addition of "conscious breathing," Hoopment becomes a meditative mindfulpractice:

Inhaling through our nostrils, slowly--so that they may better filter out "space invaders'...


(and a longer exhale than inhale)

Out Nose: to feel calm, present, and alert

Out Mouth: to relax

Pausing At End of Exhale: to increase CO2 tolerance

Conscious Breathing is a tool we can use anytime, anywhere;

and practicing it increases our skill/ability to use it well.

When we deliberately service our vessels through conscious breathing,

we better serve ourselves and each other.

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